Book discussion with a YA author and YA reader who happen to be related.

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If you wanted to know what a youthful father who's starting to wear at the edges and a growing twelve year old with hipster glasses think of the latest and greatest YA fiction, then you're like us. We started a podcast because we wanted to talk about something we both love and have in common despite our hormone levels or arguments over clearing the table: books. 

Join us, as we attempt to understand what it means to be a Young Adult. For a parent, and for a kid.


Read with us.

Join us for the conversation…

Marcus Zusak is an incredible writer. (And he’s got an incredible last name. You just want to shout it aloud when you’re victorious. Zusak!)

These days, everything is coming up Zusak for the YA Dad & Daughter team. Samara revealed that her favorite book of all time is The Book Thief. (A bad person, Andy hasn’t read The Book Thief, and he should be punished for all eternity for this breach of literary etiquette.) We just missed a signing and lecture by Zusak at our local bookstore, Politics & Prose. To top it all off, Zusak has released a new novel.

So, in the spirit of Zusak, we’re going to read Bridge of Clay, a story of brothers, fathers, and growing up.


Grab a copy and read along with us. We’d love to hear what you think and include you in the discussion.